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The Only Solution to These Rubik’s Cubes Cakes is to Get in My Stomach

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Written by Conner Flynn | March 31, 2017

Check out these awesome cubic cakes created by French chef Cédric Grolet. This is exactly what a rich person’s Rubik’s Cube looks like when they want to eat one.

Grolet was rated the best pastry chef in 2016 by the Relais Desserts Association, so he clearly knows what he’s doing. These cakes are basically just a bunch of small, cube-shaped cakes put together, but that’s okay. Here, presentation is everything. Forget trying to complete the puzzle and match all of the colors. Just eat each little cube up and enjoy.

The real puzzle would be to eat each of these little cubes whole and then solve the puzzle in your stomach. Hey, it all turns brown in the end so… Solved!

[via Bored Panda via Geekologie]