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SEGA Dreamcast Bag: The Ultimate Shoulder System

 |  |  |  |  April 30, 2017

Of all of the consoles I’ve owned over the years, the one I think I was most passionate about was the SEGA Dreamcast. It offered state-of-the-art hardware, groundbreaking graphical capabilities, and most of all an amazing slate of truly special games. Classics like Shenmue, Jet Set Radio, Crazy Taxi, Samba de Amigo,¬†and Soul Calibur, were all birthed on this console.

If you’re a fan of the Dreamcast like me, you might want to grab one of these nifty shoulder bags, that looks just like the console.

The bag is a bit smaller than the actual Dreamcast console, measuring in at almost exactly the same size as the console. Plus, it’s bound to weigh much less than carrying around an actual Dreamcast over your shoulder. And that one won’t have any room inside of it for your keys, phone, and other small items. Of course, since it’s smaller than a real Dreamcast, don’t expect to carry your console inside of it.

Photo: @Pome

You can pick up the SEGA Dreamcast Shoulder Bag now over at NCSX for about $60(USD).