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Chirps Chips are Made from Crickets

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Written by Shane McGlaun | May 1, 2017

I hate crickets. You know, those bugs that somehow find their way into your home and spend the night chirping and keeping you awake. I have a strict “stomp that bastard” rule in my house. If you see a cricket inside and let it live, you hunt until you find and smash it, lest it keep me awake at night. While I want those annoying buggers dead, I’d never eat a cricket.

For those more daring, there are now chips that are made from crickets, appropriately called Chirps. Each of the chi(r)ps is made with one whole cricket. I assume those black dots to be smashed cricket guts. You can get them in BBQ, cheddar, or sea salt flavors to cover up the disgusting bug taste. Each bag offers up 5g of protein, courtesy of insects.

A bag of Chirps sells for $3.99(USD) over at ThinkGeek. I’d rather huff whey powder than eat a chip made out of a smashed bug.