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Check out This Awesome Alien: Covenant Flipbook

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Written by Conner Flynn | May 15, 2017

Making flipbooks is fun, and a simple way to create animation, but artist Serene Teh (aka saggyarmpit) took it to a whole new level to promote the release of Alien: Covenant. Sorry about the armpit. Maybe some toning exercises?

It is fun to watch and that xenomorph is just as terrifying in flipbook form as it is in the movies. It takes a lot of work to make a cool flipbook like this, but this one was totally worth the effort.

Okay, technically it’s not a flipbook since the sheets of paper aren’t bound, but it is still pretty awesome. Fine. We’ll call it “flip sheets” because I can hear nerds complaining already. Flip sheets. Are you happy?

[via Geekologie]