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Guy Builds Holographic Cortana Appliance: Halo IRL

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Written by Conner Flynn | May 15, 2017

Microsoft wants to make their Cortana personal assistant a serious Alexa competitor, obviously, so they should take note of this what Jarem Archer aka untitled network has done here, with the creation of a Halo-inspired holographic Cortana appliance.

He got the idea by imagining what Microsoft’s version of Alexa or Google Home would be like if they designed it to look like the holographic AI sidekick from Halo. The system is still a work in progress, but it is quite impressive. It even has real-time face tracking so she can follow her master’s movements.

To make it all work, Jarem 3D printed the assembly, which also uses a small USB monitor, LEDs, and three panes of mirror glass to achieve the illusion. The software is a combination of the Unity engine to display Cortana’s animation, along with Microsoft’s Cortana web service API.

You can learn more about the build here. It is awesome. This is what Amazon Show should have done. I’d much rather have this assistant than a boring old flat screen.

[via Venture Beat via Nerd Approved]