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When Fidget Spinners Spin Too Fast


Written by Conner Flynn | May 22, 2017

I will never understand fidget spinners and those who use them. Your lack of self control over your fidgety nature is making spinner manufacturers rich. At least for now. Anyway, check out this video of a guy using an air compressor to spin a fidget spinner to death.

He has clamped the spinner in a vice. Eventually, the spinner can’t take anymore and hits warp speed, and it self-destructs. It doesn’t appear he was wearing goggles or glasses, so this guy is damn lucky he didn’t lose an eye.

Too bad they didn’t clock it’s speed somehow, because this could be a new sport. Seeing how fast you can make a spinner spin before destroying it. That sound it makes is awesome, though watch the volume when you hit play.

[via Geekologie]