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Tiny Arcade: World’s Smallest Playable Arcade Cabinets

 |  |  |  |  |  May 30, 2017

As a child of the ’80s, you can bet I love my arcade games. Traditionally, I prefer them on the big cabinets that used to consume my dollars back in the day. If you want something a bit (well a lot) smaller than those old school arcade machines, you can get that with this tiny playable arcade kit.

This little gizmo fits in the palm of your hand and has two buttons and a joystick. Inside the cabinet is a small Arduino board, memory, and a tiny OLED display packed inside a laser-cut cabinet.

You can buy your own tiny arcade kit at Tinycircuits for $59.95(USD). They come in clear or black acrylic cabinets and come with all the hardware you need. Power comes from an internal rechargeable USB battery and you can load up games from an SD card. It doesn’t play classic arcade games, but a custom-programmed games optimized for the teensy screen and controls.

Check out all the videos to see what goes into making one of these things.

[via Laughing Squid]