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Antzy Top Review: The Coolest Fidget Spinner

 |  |  |  |  |  June 16, 2017

Fidget spinners get a lot of hate. I think it’s in part because the name implies that the people who play with these things can’t control themselves, which isn’t the case. I can sit still as long as I want, but it’s kind of fun to have something in your hands you can fiddle with. I bought my daughter a cheap plastic fidget spinner at the local Walmart because it had the American flag printed on it and she is all about ‘merica.

She loved that thing and carried it all around with her for weeks spinning it as she walked the dog or watched TV. She can keep still too, but it’s fun to play with. The problem with that cheap fidget spinner is that it would spin maybe a handful of times before you had to flick it again.

The folks behind the Antzy Top sent me over what seems to me to be the highest quality fidget spinner on the market. This thing isn’t made out of cheap plastic, it’s machined out of pure stainless steel. It also has super high quality bearings inside allowing it to spin for up to five minutes with a single flick and no noise at all.

That means you can spin this thing in a crowded room and no one hears a thing. If you want a bit more bling in your spinning, it also comes with some cool cylindrical LED lights that you can place in the holes on each of its three arms.

When you twist those LEDs they start to blink multiple colors and you can spin with bright lights in the dark. Those lights are seriously bright, like don’t look straight into the light bright .The Antzy Top is incredibly well made and fun to play with. The bearings inside the spinner are steel R188 bearings and the LEDs are powered by lithium cell CR927 3V batteries that you can purchase almost anywhere. The batteries promise to last for 4-5 weeks of continuous and heavy use. The average Antzy Top user will see the batteries last much longer than that.

The Antzy Top comes packed in a tin can with a pull off lid, and has a foam holder inside shaped just like the top, perfect for keeping the Antzy Top secure when you aren’t playing with it.

The Antzy Top started first on Indiegogo and raised over 300% of its funding goal. Now, you can buy the awesome little gadget for $55 at the Antzy Top website. If you are tired of noisy or poorly spinning fidget spinners, that price is worth it. If your kid is into fidget spinners, they will be the envy of all their friends with the fast and long-spinning Antzy Top.