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Glowscenes: Lighting Inspired by Nature

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Written by Conner Flynn | June 16, 2017

If you are looking for a cool new night light or mood light, check out Glowscenes. It is a unique accent light that is inspired by nature, and designed to deliver relaxation and calm.

Guido Bonelli created these cool lights, and you can find them on Kickstarter. Glowscenes are housed in beautiful black walnut wood with layers of lucite sandwiched in between.

It works like this: The LEDs light up and color each of these layers at different times, which makes the scene in the center alternate as it lights up different parts of that scene, giving it the appearance of movement.¬†But it isn’t just the center scene that lights up. The lamp gives off a beautiful glow from the sides too and bathes your room in warm, ever-changing light. It can also be dimmed and used as a nightlight.

You can help fund Glowscenes on Kickstarter between now and July 11. A pledge of at least $99(USD) will get you a Glowscenes light of your own.