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Drone Gets Shot Down by Confetti Cannon

 |  |  |  June 30, 2017

Check out this short video that Arize Nwosu posted of a camera drone heading towards the stage at a music festival, then taking a nosedive. How the drone crashed is what is fun and interesting here. It was hit by the blast of a confetti cannon.

Before you hit play on the Instagram video below, be sure to keep your volume in check. The clip is quite loud.

Drone Down!!

A post shared by Arize Nwosu (@rizonline) on

Now we know how to down these drones whenever they take over the world. Simple solution. Stock up on confetti cannons people. They may be our only hope. Confetti is obviously the natural enemy of drones everywhere. That drone went straight down. Crashed and presumably burned. It kinda looks like Spider-Man shot his webs at it.

Go Spidey! Kill those drones. Save us all.

[via TheNextWeb via Geekologie]