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VFO: A Frisbee with a Built-in Camera

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Written by Conner Flynn | July 11, 2017

Is a game of frisbee not high-tech enough for you? Well, Brookstone, is selling this VFO (Video Flying Object) with a 720P video camera for you to destroy. Okay, they say it’s “super rugged” but clearly you haven’t seen me throw a frisbee.

The camera does not record audio, so you will be missing out on the sound of wind and nothing else. You’ll just have to settle for no sound with your videos, where your frisbee takes a trip along the route that you are already aware of, because you threw the thing after all.

You could always attach your GoPro to a frisbee instead, if you think it will fly. Somehow I don’t see this selling well.

[via Geekologie]