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That Dad Screaming in Terror is the Most Watched Twitch Clip Ever

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Written by Shane McGlaun | July 26, 2017

Remember that JurassicJunkie dude that I talked about yesterday? The one who screamed literally like a little girl when his toddler daughter walked into the room whilst he was playing horror game Outlast 2? Well, the clip has been very popular.

Twitch has now stated that this clip is the most viewed Twitch clip of all time with nearly 1.7 million views already. I think I am personally responsible for tens of those views. I laughed pretty hard.

Twitch won’t say what the second and third most viewed clips are. I’m not sure why we can’t know that info, if you can tell us the top viewed clip, why not others? People getting scared is almost as funny as dudes getting nads bashed in my book.

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