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Blow Me Up Inflatable Lamp Is the Otto Pilot of Light Fixtures

 |  |  |  |  August 18, 2017

When you think about lighting fixtures, it’s pretty typical that they’re made out of some kind of rigid form. But this unusual light is actually made like a balloon. It’s sort of like that inflatable autopilot in the movie Airplane!, but for lighting up a room.

Designed by Ingo Moller and Ingo Maurer, the Blow Me Up lamp is basically a long mylar balloon with a built in LED light strip. Simply unroll it, inflate it, and plug it in. It can be hung from the ceiling like a fluorescent tube fixture, or leaned against a wall.

Instead of being aimed outwards, its LED strip is aimed at the reflective surface inside the balloon, creating a smooth, indirect light source, rather than a harsh, direct one. A sensor at one end of the LED strip activates the light.

The Blow Me Up lamp is available for purchase from Ingo Maurer’s shop for €240 (~$280 USD).

[via NOTCOT]