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35mm Movie Lampshades: By the Light of the Silvery Film

 |  |  |  |  October 7, 2017

With the rise of digital projectors and 4K video, theaters that play movies recorded on 35 mm or 70 mm film are becoming more and more rare. I remember back when I was in college and running the campus film program lugging giant containers of film stock up to the projection booth and then waiting for our projectionist to splice on trailers and make sure the sprockets weren’t all torn up before showing the movie. Now, that whole process is pretty much a dying art.

If you have a fond place in your heart for actual film, then check out these cool lamp shades, made from strips of 35 mm film from actual theatrical movie releases.

Each one is handmade by UK design shop Reelluminations, who painstakingly selects sequences of film to wrap around each shade, making sure your lamp has some classic and memorable scenes you can peek at if you look carefully or break out the magnifying glass. They aren’t just cool because of the movies they feature, they also cast colorful and dramatic shadows when placed near a wall and you use the right kind of bulb.

Some of the shades currently available in their Etsy shop include the very timely Blade Runner, as well as The Terminator, TRON, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and more. They’re all made from 35mm film, but it would be cool if they made bigger images using 70mm or IMAX prints as well.

You can also request custom shades with scenes from dozens of other popular films. The shads sell for about $80 to $110(USD) each, but keep in mind that doesn’t include a lamp, and you’ll need to provide that.