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Put a Ring on It with the PhotoRing Magic Grip for Smartphones

 |  |  |  |  October 9, 2017

Have you ever dropped your phone? While you could protect it with a case, there’s another way which will keep you from dropping it in the first place. This nifty device attaches to the back of your phone, and adds a ring which ensures your phone won’t ever slip out of your hand.

Designed by JIN, the PhotoRing Magic Grip adheres securely to the back of your phone, and provides added safety for your phone by attaching it to your finger with a sturdy metal ring. Yes, you can finally marry the device that you already treat better than your real spouse!

The ring part is attached to a swiveling hinge mechanism, which lets it easily adjust to any hand and holding position, and ensures that your phone is securely attached to your finger and can’t be dropped. As it spins it locks in 15ยบ increments so you can pick the perfect angle for you.

The gadget also doubles as a kickstand for those times when you want to take the ring off and be single for the night. Is it just me or does it sort of look like a pacifier for babies in this position?

It’s a cool idea, though it does add a bit of thickness to the back of your phone, and probably makes it less comfortable to keep in your pocket, since it’s kind of lumpy.

Regardless of how silly it seems, the PhotoRing Magic Grip is a neat idea, and could be a great solution for people who frequently drop their phones. At this point, I can’t find it for sale outside of Korea, but if you’re good with Google Translate, you might be able to order yourself one from the guys over at Funshop.