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This Wooden Poster Counts Pi to 16,500 Digits: Pi r Rectangular

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Written by Paul Strauss | November 5, 2017

3.141592653589793… etcetera, etcetera. Math nerds love to geek out about how many digits of Pi they’ve memorized. 15 digits is about where my brain gives out, but there are folks out there who know hundreds or even thousands of digits. If you want to brush up your Pi knowledge on a daily basis, you might want to consider adding this neat piece of art to your wall.

Sweden-based Induku Design makes this sweet laser-engraved wooden poster which is engraved with the first 16,500 digits of the never-ending irrational number.

The lauan wood print measures 30 x 40 cm – or approximately 11.8 x 15.75 inches, so it’s a nice size to fill in that empty spot you have on the wall over your desk. If you look at it up close, you can see that each digit has a little bit of depth and texture to it too, since it’s engraved rather than just printed on the wood.

The poster is just $49 over on Etsy, which is a totally rational number if you ask me.