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Hard Drive Starship Enterprise: Disk Space, The Final Frontier

 |  |  |  |  |  |  November 12, 2017

Between its circular bridge and oblong warp nacelles, the Starship Enterprise is one of the most iconic spaceships in the history of science fiction. Whether you love the NCC-1701 in its original or its many other variants, they all share these common elements. But if you ask me, the NCC-1701-A is my favorite, since it honored the design from The Original Series best, while still updating its look. Fans of this version will dig this cool handmade model of the USS Enterprise, crafted from old computer parts.

Artist shankalonian makes a variety of neat desktop sculptures by recycling disused bits of computers and other electronic devices. In this case, the Enterprise was built using a hard drive platter for its primary hull and main bridge, and a pair of PCI card slots as its warp nacelles.

The model will set you back $100 over on shakalonian’s Etsy shop, where you can also find such wonderful things as recycled computer part models of an X-Wing Fighter, a B-52 bomber, and an awesomely¬†teensy motorcycle.