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This Ceramic Death Star Lamp Is the Ultimate Accent Light in the Universe

 |  |  |  |  |  November 14, 2017

The original Death Star may have had a fatal flaw, but it was still one of the most important and iconic symbols of the Star Wars universe. If you prefer to remember the Death Star as it was before it was blown to smithereens by Luke Skywalker, then check out this cool lighting fixture.

This sweet ceramic lamp comes from Budapest, Hungary ceramic artist Light Gallery Réka, and it looks fantastic. When illuminated, the Death Star casts cool splashes of light and dark across your walls, much like the Light and Dark sides of The Force battle it out on a daily basis. When turned off, it’s an equally cool art object, waiting to be activated and ready to blow up Alderaan.

The lamp measures about 7″ across, and is made completely from white clay, though they can also tint one into a dark grey if you prefer a more accurate representation of the Ultimate Weapon in the Universe. If you’d like one for your room, head over to Light Gallery Réka’s Etsy shop, where you can order one for about $136.