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Opendo Garage Door Opener Remote: Push “B” to Open

 |  |  December 26, 2017

Has opening your garage door turned into a boring chore? Why not turn it into a video game with this fun garage door opener that looks like a classic NES controller? Of course button-mashing might result in a busted garage door, so you’ll probably want to avoid that.

The Opendo garage door opener is simply a garage remote transmitter stuffed into the shell of an 8-bit Nintendo controller. It’s something you could hack together yourself if you really wanted to, but when you can buy one from this Kickstarter project for $20 or less, it seems like the effort to make your own wouldn’t be worth it.

It’s designed to work with just about every garage door on the market, though you do need to specify the brand of your opener to make sure they get you one that works on the proper frequency. An early bird pledge of $18 gets you an Opendo garage door remote controller of your own.