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Now Your Cat Can Sleep in a Giant Fruit Tart

 |  |  |  |  |  January 11, 2018

Cats and desserts have one thing in common – and no, I don’t mean that time you found a hairball in your pudding. They can both be pretty sweet. Now you can celebrate this connection with this whimsical pet bed that looks just like a giant fruit tart.

Kitty will cuddle up alongside an oversize kiwi, strawberry, orange slice, and a couple of jumbo blueberries, surrounded by in a warm layer of pastry as he or she naps away the day, dreaming of catnip treats and chasing feathers.

This clever pet bed comes from Japanese specialty shop Felissimo. It measures in at 40 cm (~15.75″) across, so it’s big enough for a small dog too.

If you speak Japanese, you can probably order one directly from Felissimo for ¥6,580 (~$60 USD), or if you don’t want the hassle, the guys at Japan Trend Shop can take care of it for you, but you’re looking at a substantially higher price of $122 from them. I guess it’s no big deal if you’re one of those folks who pampers your pet at any price.