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Razer Built a Giant Working Mechanical Keyboard

 |  |  |  January 15, 2018

Many people love mechanical keyboards. In fact, mechanical keyboards are making a comeback these days as people find them to provide better feedback and faster typing compared to skinny modern keyboards. If you love mechanical keyboards, you’ll be happy to know that Razer built a giant one that they had on display at its CES booth this year.

It is the size of a table, and it’s not just for show either – it’s fully functional. It has tactile key clicks and realistic actuation, as well as full Razer Chroma RGB lighting. They didn’t miss a single detail.This massive keyboard rules them all. Can you imagine using this in your home or office? You would feel like a God when responding to comments on the internet.

Anything you typed would be gold. Although typing some keyboard combinations like CTRL+ALT+DELETE, might be like playing Twister. Still, you would feel like the CEO of the world. Sadly, we can’t buy one and experience this thrill. Razer only made it to show off and look cool, so THEY could feel all mighty and powerful. We, the little people, get little keyboards that barely fit our fat fingers. Just another case of “the man” keeping us down. Or in this case, keeping us typing on small keyboards.

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