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Mario Kart Is Heading to Smartphones

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Written by Conner Flynn | February 2, 2018

Do you need more Nintendo characters prancing around on your phone screen? Sure, we all do. Well, if you are one of the billions of people who want more Nintendo games on your smartphone, we have some good news for you. More goodies are on the way! Nintendo has been busy putting out a few cool smartphone-optimized games over the last little while. First there was Fire Emblem and Mario, then Animal Crossing, and now Mario Kart is on its way to iPhone and Android devices.

Nintendo has announced Mario Kart Tour, which is due for release sometime before March 2019. Sadly, that is the only detail we have at the moment. Just imagine the new carts, courses and skins that await. The game itself will likely be free, but to get the better gear, drivers and karts, we will all likely have to drop some extra coin and fund Nintendo’s Rainbow Road.

Of course, Nintendo could choose a different path here, and charge a nominal flat price for all content, although I doubt it very much. At any rate, more info should be dropping soon about this title.

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