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Dad Builds Kid Awesome Star Wars AT-ST High Chair

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Written by Conner Flynn | February 21, 2018

Man, kids get all of the cool stuff. Check out this amazing AT-ST high chair that Matthew Regonini from Never Not Making built for his kid. I really wish it was acceptable for an adult to sit in a high chair. Unfortunately, I can’t go out and buy one of these for myself so I can look ridiculous at the dinner table. It’s one of a kind, built by Regonini and scaled to his child.

Matthew used a CNC machine and some other tools to slice up a few sheets of plywood into the parts needed. He then layered and attached the pieces using glue and fasteners. He really did a great job, and included a ton of details. Now this kid just needs a wookiee costume and he’s all set. He’s already got the BB-8 costume for that The Last Jedi scene. I bet this thing stays in the family and gets passed down to several generations.

Does this kid even know how lucky he is? I hope so. I’m just really jealous right now. I guess I have to take up woodworking if I want one of my own.

Hopefully Matt’s next project is to make one that actually walks to the kitchen table on it’s own.

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