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“When In Rome” Board Game Uses Amazon’s Alexa to Enhance Gameplay

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Written by Conner Flynn | February 22, 2018

Board game companies are always looking for new ways to incorporate technology into their games, and one board game maker is hoping that the incorporation of Amazon’s Alexa will mean huge sales. When In Rome is a new board game from manufacturer Sensible Object. While playing the game, Alexa will explain the rules, keep score, and ask trivia questions.

The game sounds pretty simple. Players sit around a world map, and each places their marker on a “home city” to start. Then they travel around the map to other major cities. As your marker enters each city, Alexa asks you questions about that city’s weather, customs, food, culture, and more. You earn points by answering questions correctly.

So it’s basically a trivia game that might sell a few more Amazon devices. Plus, now the NSA can keep track of who the trivia master is in your house. It’s a win for everyone. Seriously though, this might be a fun game. I can’t wait until we get a Settlers of Catan Alexa game. Alexa, I’ll trade you a sheep for a brick. “Sorry,only suckers trade in this game”.

When In Rome will cost justs $30, but you’ll also need an Alexa device if you don’t already have one.

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