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This Insanely-complex Puzzle Box a Riddle, Wrapped in a Mystery, Inside an Enigma


Written by Conner Flynn | February 26, 2018

If you like a good puzzle, check out this video by Ryan Calme demonstrating all the steps required to open the extremely complicated puzzle box he built for his father. The box as a bit of everything thrown in: cyphers, enigmatic symbols, magnets, electronics, gears, hidden compartments, and more stuff to confound your mind.

It’s so complex that it takes an 11-minute video to show it all off. You would have to be a genius codebreaker to figure this thing out without the video. Man, it’s just too stressful for me. This is why my boxes are so simple. They’re cardboard and have four sides, and I get them from Amazon. Although I am still trying to figure out how to close the flaps again.

This box is an amazing piece of engineering, even if it does hurt my brain. It’s fascinating to think about how he built it all. Anyway, you can find all the files to build your own on GitHub if you are a brainiac like Ryan.

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