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Legend of Zelda Treasure Chest Comes Loaded with Colorful Rupees

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  February 26, 2018

If you’re looking for a cool decoration for your desk that shows of your love for Zelda, this officially-licensed The Legend of Zelda Rupee Chest is pretty sweet. Whenever you open it you’ll feel the thrill that Link feels when discovering a treasure.¬†You’ll feel Hyrule rich!

The glistening Rupees inside have a solid heft to them because they are basically paperweights, and this will make them feel great in your hand, like you just scored some actual treasure. As an very cool added bonus, the chest plays the classic sound from the games when you open it! They are so beautiful and they’re mine. All mine! If only I had enough treasure to dive into like Daffy Duck.

If you’re lusting after this like I am, it can be pre-ordered from Merchoid for $194.99 with free shipping. Sure, it’s kind of expensive, but it is treasure we’re talking about here after all. You gotta spend money to make money, right? Er… Rupees in this case. Get it? In this case? Tough room. Anyway, get one while you can. There aren’t many left in stock.

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