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2 X 2 Rubik’s Cube Made out of Cheddar Cheese: Solve, Then Eat

 |  |  |  March 1, 2018

When I was a kid, solving a Rubik’s Cube was tough. Only geniuses could do it. The rest of us had to learn cheats just so we could look smart. These days it seems everyone is solving these puzzles with ease. They are even making their own. And sometimes they are made out of some really weird materials. Here’s Rubik’s cubist Tony Fisher demonstrating a very edible 2 x 2 Rubik’s Cube he made out of cheddar cheese.

I have to say, he did a gouda job. I would have gotten feta up with it halfway through. Since it is cheese we are talking about here, he had to use colored thumbtacks to identify the sides. Hope no one ate it thinking they were edible. The only problem with this cube is that the more you turn it, the more cheese crumbs end upon the floor. No problem if you have animals. My cats would love it if I played with this cube.

Some might say it’s cheesy to use cheddar in this build. It’s not that Tony is anti-brie, he’s just pro-volone. See, now the cheese jokes are out of hand. I admit it, I’m a real muenster! Maybe a gorgon… zola that is!

[via Laughing Squid via Geekologie]