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What Is My Purpose? You Bend Pipe Cleaners.

 |  |  |  |  April 19, 2018

Pipe- and wire-bending machines make it easy to create metal shapes that twist in various ways. Yoshihito Isogawa’s pipe cleaner bending robot works in the same basic way. It just bends those little fuzzy wires instead of tough metal. You just feed a pipe cleaner through this machine, and watch it bend and twist said item.

As shown in the video, it can make wands shaped like stars, hearts, and other shapes. It’s just a matter of programming the shapes into the LEGO Mindstorms controller. I bet some enterprising Etsy shop owner could use this to make a small fortune in the pipe cleaner art market.

Aside from making shapes like this, I have no idea what you would use it for, but it is a fun LEGO machine  – one that may put kindergartners out of business. Sorry kids, a robot took your job too. Better that you learn how harsh the world can be now, so you are prepared when you’re grown up. This will be the first of many robots that will screw you over in life.

[via The Awesomer via Sploid]