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Firestarter Matches Burn for up to 10 Minutes


Written by Conner Flynn | April 25, 2018

You’ve all seen this in movies and maybe even had it happen to you in real life. You’re in a dark cave or trapped in a dark room. So you light a match. It lasts for about 5 seconds and then burns your finger and the light goes out. Now you have burnt fingers and you are still in the dark. Your matches have done you no good at all.

These Trailblazer Fire Starter Sticks light like a regular match, but they can burn for up to 10 minutes since they’re made from compressed wood. This could be handy in the situation that I just outlined, but really they’re designed to give you time to get a fire started for one thing because we are not all Cub Scouts with all of our badges earned.

These are perfect for camping or to keep stowed away somewhere in case of an emergency. They are much more dependable than regular matches and you don’t have to rush to get the job done. They’re just $6 for a box of 40 over at Budk.

[via The Awesomer via Geekologie]