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Feel VR Force Feedback Racing Wheel Promises Serious Immersion

 |  |  |  |  |  May 8, 2018

If you’re a fan of PC or console racing simulation games like rFactor and you want to make the game as realistic as possible, you need a good racing wheel and pedals. More specifically, you need a force feedback racing wheel, so you can feel what your VR car is doing. This Kickstarter project aims to improve immersion for racing games.

Feel VR is a force feedback racing wheel with pedals. The wheel offers professional-grade direct drive force feedback. That means no belts to stretch and wear out, and more accurate feedback when racing. Unlike a real car though, the wheel has unlimited rotation angle, meaning it will just spin and spin. Honestly, that bit isn’t very realistic – in a real car there comes a point where the wheel no longer spins. The pedals are set up for manual transmission simulation and have a load cell for realism, but no gear shifter available, and shifting is done with flappy paddles.

The Feel VR wheel alone is $449, the pedals are $249, and a bundle with both the wheel and pedals is $599. Delivery is expected to start this November.