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This is What a $30,000 Computer Gaming Rig Looks Like

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Written by Conner Flynn | May 21, 2018

Some people have some crazy computer gaming rigs, but this guy takes the cake. In this recent video, Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy demonstrates his crazy computer gaming rig valued at over $30,000. It’s more like bragging. “Look at me, I have a gaming rig that costs more than a car!” Woo-hoo. I’m jealous. Actually, I am.

This rig features “a zero gravity reclining workstation game chair by Imperatorworks, a 43-inch UHD 4K monitor by LG [plus side monitors], a beefed up Xidax desktop gaming PC, and much more.” I also admire his snack and drink station. This is a guy is never gonna game while hungry. RGB everywhere son!

Basically, this is a video of Lewis bragging while playing Fortnight and bragging some more. That’s okay. My gaming rig cost more than a kidney transplant, and is powered by my imagination, so it’s bigger than yours. I can’t even play Fortnight, because the game has to up its specs to be compatible with it. So there.

Seriously though, this rig is pretty cool and I hope he invites me over to play some games before it is obsolete in 3 to 5 years. Anytime is cool actually. I’ll be at the snack and drink station, my friend. No, you play. I’ll watch? Do you have any more kettle chips?

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