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Batman BBQ Tool Set: Where Does He Get All Those Wonderful Burgers?

 |  |  |  |  |  May 22, 2018

Grill like one of DC’s finest thanks to this Batman BBQ Tool Set. Because in your world, Commissioner Gordon doesn’t lure you to Gotham with the Bat Signal, you lure him to the Batcave with some perfectly grilled burgers. Then you sit down and eat, shoot the breeze, and laugh about Ben Affleck being cast as you.

This BBQ tool set includes a bat-logo spatula with an offset handle and a bottle opener in the handle, grilling fork with a bottle opener (so you can open two beers at a time), and a set of long-handled slotted tongs. You can also get these in either a Wonder Woman and Captain America version, but why would you? Nobody grills like Batman. Just ask any of the criminals he’s grilled over the years. See what I did there? Wonder Woman would never expose herself to a greasy grill, and Cap, well he’s just not as cool as the Batman.

Be the hero of your own backyard and brood while flipping steaks and burgers. Isn’t it about time your summer grilling experience got geekier? This is my new set of BBQ tools right here. Love that the logo is on the spatula. Now if I can just figure out how to brand my meat with that bat-logo, I’ll be good to go.