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Slo-mo Magnet Collisions: That’s What Happens When Magnets Start Crashin’

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Written by Shane McGlaun | May 22, 2018

Magnets are very cool, and I’d wager everyone who has ever put hands on a pair has moved them ever slowly closer together in hopes to catch that moment when the attraction is too strong, and they slam together. YouTube channel Magnetic Games posted an awesome super slow-mo video that shows the collision of magnets slappin’ together… Tone Loc would be so proud.

The video’s description says it’s sort of like Tony Stark getting suited up, and the bit where all the little spheres are attracted to the big block does remind me of that. The anodized coating on the colorful ball magnets isn’t so strong, so you can clearly see it flaking off everywhere in the shots of those beads whacking the other magnets.

Hit play below and spend nearly three minutes enjoying magnetic whyillld thanggs.