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OrbitPen Fidget Pen Let’s You Fidget While You Work

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Written by Conner Flynn | June 20, 2018

Gear maker Keep Pursuing has announced their latest creation, the OrbitPen. This pen is designed to be the ultimate desktop accessory for fidgeters, so if you are the fidgety type, this will give your hands something to do while at work. It is supposed to help focus creative thinking and help you to relax.

The idea is to engage your hands while stimulating right brain activity. It does this without disrupting your concentration. The stubby pen allows you to spin it between your thumb and forefinger, but it also expands to create a longer, more functional writing instrument.

Aside from that, both ends of the pen itself twist: the bottom end rotates smoothly and the top turns around a ridged base for a textural feeling. There’s also a metal/marble ball that sits on the top end, giving you a friction-less surface to roll your finger across or press in and out. Plus, its base doubles as a ceramic-bladed letter opener, making it even more useful on your desk.

It’ll be available in black, white, or silver metal finishes, and the white oak finish shown in the video above will pop onto the scene if they hit their $30,000 crowdfunding stretch goal – which doesn’t seem like much of a stretch.

The OrbitPen is available to pre-order on Kickstarter now, with early bird pledges starting at $24, and initial shipping expected this October . This should give your hands and brain some extra things to do while you are at work.

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