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Now You Can Bulid Your Own Strandbeest

 |  |  |  July 12, 2018

By now everyone has seen the videos of the Strandbeest kinetic sculptures walking the beach. Theo Jansen’s incredible walking creatures moves by using the power of the wind. It’s very impressive. Guess what? Now, you can build your own on a much smaller scale. This desktop version is pretty much a perfect replica.

The Mini Strandbeest Kit, much like other model kits you know and love, comes with illustrated and written instructions that will guide you through the build process. You won’t need any special tools, or even special skills to build it.

This is a good project to include the kids since it involves mechanical parts and wind power. They might learn some neat things. They’ll be impressed too because it works just like its full-scale counterpart. Just blow that pinwheel or use a fan to get this thing walking. The kit should take you about an hour and a half to build, and since it has small parts, you’ll definitely want to supervise the little ones while building it.

You can find the Mini Strandbeest Kit on Amazon for just $12. This looks like a fun project, whether you include the kids or not. This is a fun little toy that’s rewarding to build. Once you build one, you have a cool new plaything for your desk too.

[via Mike Shouts]