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This Axe Razor Gives You The Manliest Shave Ever

 |  |  |  July 22, 2018

Everyone knows that real mean shave with an axe. Ask any woodsman or lumberjack. It’s just what real men do. The Straight Razor Warrior Axe Razor lets any man shave like a serious tough guy.

It’s a razor in the form of a mini axe. In other words, it’s real axe that you use on your face. You’ll feel like a Viking when you shave. I’m not sure they really shaved with axes, but they could have. If anyone did, it was those guys.

This manly grooming tool even has a sweet hand-carved wooden handle, and its straight-edge blade is made of sharpened tempered steel. The carved beech wood handle is infused with copper or brass, along with waxed cord. That’s some nice detailing.

It will cost you $125 over on Amazon, but you deserve it. Sadly, you won’t be spilling the blood of your enemies. Only your own if you aren’t careful. The battle is with yourself.  Shave wisely my friend, or else you’ll have some battle scars on your face. When you are finished with your shave, maybe you can take it out back and chop some twigs.

[via DudeIWantThat via Mike Shouts]