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Seattle Space Needle Gets Vertigo Inducing Glass Floor of Nopes

 |  |  |  August 6, 2018

I’m not a big fan of heights. I’m especially skittish around heights when I can see straight through to the ground below. One place I won’t be visiting any time soon is the newly remodeled Seattle Space Needle, which now has a rotating glass floor.

The makeover cost $100 million and refreshed the entire structure with a new staircase and other updates. It almost looks like the world’s highest Apple store. With so much glass everywhere, I’d hate to be on the cleaning crew. In lots of the images, people are sitting on the glass floor, I assume trying to not barf everywhere. Did I mention nope?

It reminds me more than a little of that Chinese bridge we talked about back in 2015. That glass-bottomed Chinese bridge eventually had cracks in the glass. Nopity nope. I hope the revamped Space Needle won’t suffer from the same issue.

[via New Atlas]