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Enter the Multiverse with This Rick and Morty Green Screen Tattoo

 |  |  |  August 9, 2018

How do you create a tattoo that has endless possibilities? Just do what they do in the movies. Use a green screen. I mean, it’s going to look weird on you, but at least you can add in all kinds of special effects shots digitally. That’s what this guy did. This may be the world’s first green screen tattoo.

Check out the video below of the Rick and Morty green screen tattoo inked by artist Roy Lee Rowlett on somebody’s leg. This definitely isn’t the first green screen tattoo,but it sure is awesome. I’m sure that Youtube users are going to have all kinds of fun inserting funny scenes into this image.

Right now you can check out a shot of the tattoo with no special effects and a video with the intro superimposed. So we have Rick and Morty watching Rick and Morty. On a tattoo. On somebodies leg. This is just as bizarre as the show!

Meanwhile, this guy is stuck with a big green tattoo, but I guess it works, and hey, at least he provided some entertainment for the rest of us. I can’t wait for the day we can have OLED tattoos embedded into our skin so they can actually display video on their own. That’s when I’m getting some. I like the idea of having animated cartoons on my body.

If you dug that, here’s another great green screen tattoo by new school artist Josh Herman

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