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Infinity Gauntlet Slippers: The Power to Rule the Floor

 |  |  |  August 16, 2018

Feel just like Thanos with these officially-licensed Avengers: No Infinity Stone Unturned Slippers.They will be warm and cozy and give you that fuzzy feeling that only Thanos can deliver.

Let’s face it, gauntlets are heavy and get in the way. Plus it’s just hard to do stuff with your hand when you are wearing heavy metal gauntlets. Wearing slippers is a much better option. I can see Stan Lee wearing these around the house, snapping his fingers, and making people disappear. I can also picture Thanos wearing these with a robe, like the Big Lebowski and having a white russian.

These gold slippers have faux infinity gems, but real comfort. You might say they are MARVEL-ous and that they’ll give you INFINITY comfort. These are perfect for anyone who likes to lounge around the house, but also wants to rule the universe, while being too lazy to actually do it, so they just watch Netflix instead. In other words, me. Yeah, that sounds like me. Just ordered two pairs.

They are available for preorder from Merchoid for just $17 and ship in December. You better get these slippers while you can. They won’t be around for very long.