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Jodie Whittaker Doctor Who Barbie Doll: Mattel Calling Orson…

 |  |  October 9, 2018

The new female Doctor made her long-awaited debut this week, and if you’re enjoying Jodie Whitaker in the role of Time Lord, why not start collecting her toys? It didn’t take long for the powers that be to unveil the first ever Doctor Who Barbie doll.

Whitaker’s debut in the Doctor Who Season 11 episode “The Woman Who Fell to Earth” has given us the first female Doctor and today we have a Barbie doll in her likeness. If you don’t follow the show, you are forgiven if you thought this was some kind of gender-swapped Mork and Mindy reboot. I mean, that outfit. Yikes. It’s like this regeneration of the Doctor had her mom pick out her clothes in the dark. At a thrift store. During an earthquake. The Doctor is known forĀ  eccentric dressing, but even so, all past Doctor’s let out a collective “Ugh” when this outfit happened.

Now you can teach your little girl about questionable fashion too. The doll is available to pre-order right now and ships around December 3rd. Although I suspect more adult nerds will be playing with this than little girls.