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The Lumos Candle Lights Itself: Laziness Level MAX

 |  |  |  October 19, 2018

A candle that lights itself sounds like magic. It also sounds like humans are lazier than ever. We can’t even be bothered to light our own candles anymore with a match or a lighter. We suck at life, and this is proof.

The Lumos Candle will automatically light its own wick for you with the push of a button – total overkill for a problem nobody needs solved. These replaceable Lumos candles are made from soy wax infused with scented oils like vanilla, lavender, and more. They use a wooden wick instead of cotton, and it looks like they ignite and burn like any other scented candle.

You just have to put the candle on a special base, and push a button to ignite each candle with a real flame. Like regular candles, each one burns for about 40 hours before you need to replace it. The base is rechargeable and only needs to be topped off with a USB cable about every four months if you use it a lot. It will cost you $58 for the Lumos starter pack over on Indiegogo, and that includes two candles and a starter base.

If you ask me, this proves that humanity is doomed. How hard is it to light a match? Also, there’s a certain joy in little things like lighting candles. That joy has just been blown out like a candle flame.

[via Gizmodo]