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Dad Makes Awesome Mechwarrior Costume For Kids

 |  |  |  |  October 29, 2018

Want your kids to get maximum candy this Halloween? Make something like this Mechwarrior costume, and they’ll intimidate every house into filling their trick or treat bag to the brim. This awesome kid’s mech costume was built by YouTuber Griddlock Cosplay for his kids, nieces, and nephews to show off at the Edmonton Comic Expo 2018.

This model is a Stalker J1 Mechwarrior. It can’t kill you, but it does look deadly. It has a “fully functional” cockpit, with a joystick for “navigation and control,” a cabin light, and there is even a cooling fan and a padded seat for a comfortable ride. It has a decorative 5-barrel minigun, working headlights, and a non-functional spinning radar.

The costume hides dad inside, so he can carry around one kid at a time. It looks like it probably has a lot of room on board to store all of that candy too. This will be the best costume in the neighborhood and will win you and your kids some prizes during costume contests as well.

[via Netgeek via Mike Shouts]