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Super Mario 3 Holiday Wreath: The 8-Bit Days of Christmas

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Written by Conner Flynn | November 8, 2018

Celebrate the holidays in classic video game style. This Nintendo Light-Up Wreath has a Super Mario Bros 3 theme that combines one of the coolest video games ever with our favorite holiday. The pixel art wreath has power-ups and five green LEDs that blink intermittently in the center of the donut blocks. I

It looks awesome and very festive. Sadly, it doesn’t play any music, but what are you gonna do? Some 8-bit holiday songs would have sweet. At least it looks amazing. It lets those on the outside of your house know that there’s a Mario fan inside. Santa will see this from a mile away as he flies by in his sleigh, and he’ll make a special stop at your place with extra gifts because he’s a big Mario fan too.

This is perfect for the kind of person that leaves a powered-up NES on for Santa instead of milk and cookies. And you know what cartridge is inserted. If Santa gets distracted from all of his other stops, that’s on him. You gotta complete those levels. Hey, if he can’t deliver, maybe you get to keep all of the gifts. Sweet!