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This Musical Yoda Glitter Globe, You Must Have

 |  |  |  |  November 29, 2018

Do or do not buy this collectible. There is no try. Your holidays are just not complete until you decorate with some cool Star Wars merch, like this 7″ tall Jedi Master Yoda Musical Glitter Globe.

This fancy-schmancy snow, I mean glitter globe is available from The Bradford Exchange for $99.99. Yoda is bathed in blue light inside the sphere, and his famous quote is printed on the base with a soft yellow glow. This is the Jedi master of your collection. Display him proudly. He is wise and glowing like a force ghost.

It also plays music, but we don’t know what tune(s) exactly. It could be the theme from The Empire Strikes Back or it could be Micheal Jackson’s Thriller, heck, it could even be the theme from Shaft. We have no idea since they don’t say. But probably it’s something from Star Wars. Call it a hunch.

Hopefully, it can teach you to be a Jedi like your father before you, but it probably just sits on your shelf looking neat, and reminding you that you are not a Jedi. Yoda can’t teach you anything while trapped in that globe.

[via Geeks Are Sexy via Geekologie]