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Harry Potter Wearable Throw Blankets: Snuggies Aren’t Just for Muggles

 |  |  |  |  December 17, 2018

The best trick that a wizard can do is to be comfortable. These officially-licensed Hogwarts wearable throw blankets require no magic at all. Just money. If you’ve already consulted the sorting hat and know which house you belong to, just pick yours, and get cozy for the night.

These fleece throws feature big sleeves and printed graphics of a large house crest sewn to the throw as well as a striped tie and v-neck collar. You’ll be looking good and feeling as comfy as J.K. Rowling in a pile of money. These are perfect for when you want to watch a Harry Potter movie marathon or walk around the house while pretending that it’s Hogwarts. You can even run around the house pretending to play Quidditch – at least until you break some stuff and your wife yells at you. I say stay snug as a snitch and forget the horseplay.

These snuggie-style throw blankets available from for just $20 each. They only come in one size, adult standard (48″ x 71″), because clearly there are more adult wizards in need of being warm and comfortable. Also, kids have a harder time conjuring up money. Fans of Newt Scamander will be pleased to know there’s a comfy throw for you too.

[via Geekologie]