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This Bathroom Sink Looks Like a DJ Console

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Written by Conner Flynn | January 7, 2019

What is it about people incorporating music into their bathrooms? First, we had the musical instrument bathroom, and now check out this bathroom that has a sink that resembles a DJ’s console. Time to wash up with Sir Suds-A-Lot.

Designed by Gianluca Paludi, these turntable-inspired sinks from Olympia Ceramica will be a hit among wealthy DJs. This collection of bathroom basins is simply called Vinyl, and features sinks that look like a turntable setup. Each circular basin resembles the platter, and the faucet looks like a turntable’s tonearm. The tonearm doesn’t raise and lower like a real one, but maybe it can swivel from side to side. I’m not sure.

This setup includes a countertop with control knobs that regulate the water pressure and temperature. The cabinet has a drawer with a Bluetooth music amplifier and speaker inside as well. Those small holes are just for the speaker. Then there’s the stand that has a lower tier which supports a tempered glass shelf for fresh towels and other stuff. The upper tier has a rigid leather bag to hold smaller things.

The sink is available in either single or double-vanity designs, and there’s also a matching equalizer mirror with LEDs to go with. All those wealthy DJs out there can now have a luxury bathroom to go with their trade.

[via Mike Shouts via Geekologie]