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Ubtech’s Walker Robot Butler Gets Arms

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Written by Conner Flynn | January 8, 2019

Ubtech is once again trotting out its Walker bipedal robot. Pun intended. But this time out, the previously limbless robot has a pair of arms so that it can grab and pass objects to you, like a proper robot servant. The robot stands at 4.75 feet tall, so you can hug it if you want too.

This updated Walker also has improved self-balancing which is a good thing because it got a weight bump from 82 pounds up to 170 pounds. You don’t want this guy falling on you and breaking your frail human body. It uses 36 actuators to handle complex terrain and external impacts and has sensors to help stabilize itself as it walks smoothly. Walker uses Ubtech’s Simultaneous Localization and Mapping technology to plan paths as it avoids obstacles.┬áThe robot also has facial recognition tech on board. It sounds like this is a big step up from the previous version.

There’s info yet on how much this robot will cost or a date when we can expect it, but we also hear that the company’s Cruzr service robot also got an upgrade, with better performance, connectivity, and maneuverability. The new and updated Cruzr will be available worldwide for the first time this year. You can check out both robots at CES if you are attending.

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