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Human Skin High Heels Are the Creepiest Footwear Ever

 |  |  |  |  January 9, 2019

Before we get into the topic at hand, let me ask you guys something. What the hell is wrong with y’all? Why do you need to wear these shoes that look like they’re made of human skin? Are they for serial killers? All I know is that they are super creepy and they make it look like you have demon feet. You really want demon feet?

These things are actually thigh high so that when you wear them they hopefully look like it is your real skin. I’m not surprised at all that they are made by a company known as “Fecal Matter.”┬áThe artists say they’re designed to make a statement about social media ideals and body modification.

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Yes, they're walkable

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These would be great for Halloween if you want to dress up as a demon I guess. Wear them when it isn’t Halloween and you are going to get some very weird looks. Some might even run away.

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The Skin Heel

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They aren’t available yet, but when they are they’ll be sold for the rather outlandish price of $10,000 – making them only accessible to wealthy freaks. They are planning on making a more affordable version for those who can’t afford the high price tag.

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