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Temi Robot Telepresence Follows You Around with Alexa Onboard


Written by Shane McGlaun | January 9, 2019

While we are waiting for robots that can cook us dinner and clean the toilets, we have to get by with robots that perform more mundane tasks. A robot is on the floor at CES 2019 from called the Temi. The minimal, armless robot has Amazon Alexa onboard allowing it to respond to voice commands. It can also follow you around, so it’s always by your side.

Temi was initially envisioned as a telepresence robot to help the elderly. The big screen now gives users an Echo Show-like experience. That voice-activated screen and Alexa combine to give control from the robot of smart home devices and more. Temi is the first Alexa-packing robot able to navigate around a space autonomously, thanks to path planning and obstacle avoidance on board.

The robot isn’t exactly cheap at $1,499, but you can buy one starting in March. The real question is what will you use the it for? You can ask it questions and tell it to do things, but without arms or grippers of any sort, you’ll need to get up and help the robot with any physical labor beyond pushing around a soccer ball.

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