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Alien Facehugger CPAP Mask: In Bed, No One Can Hear You Scream

 |  |  |  |  |  January 28, 2019

If you suffer from sleep apnea, you know it’s no laughing matter, and can be a major health risk. Fortunately, CPAP machines can help keep your airway open while sleeping, and dramatically improve your quality of life. While CPAP machines aren’t exactly stylish, they do save lives. If I did have to wear a CPAP mask to bed, it would look like a facehugger.

With the same thought in his mind, apnea patient and self-proclaimed “tinker gnome” Jared Gray decided to build himself a custom CPAP mask by combining one of NECA’s life-size facehugger props with his expensive bit of home medical equipment, and the result is awesome.

Normally, a CPAP helps maintain positive air pressure, but this one works double duty by scaring the crap out of your system while you sleep. Though it might have the nasty habit of laying xenomorph eggs in your belly while you catch some shuteye. Everything has side effects, I suppose.

This is such a great idea. The 20th Century Fox licensing folks should get to work to turn this into official Alien merch.

[via Andrew Segal]